Leire is pronounced like “lady” and is the name of a mountain chain in Northern Spain. Ariz comes from the Basque word for Oak. I used to think the name was a bit special, until Coca-Cola chose to print it on their cans.

I was born and raised in Pamplona (Spain) and studied Journalism in the first School of Communication in the country, which happened to be just across the road. Frustrated by my inability to travel the world early, I picked the International Media Programme and crossed the pond at 19 to focus on political communication at The George Washington University, in DC.  I would have loved it anywhere, but DC still has a big chunk of my heart.

Looking for the European equivalent, I left for Brussels after finishing my studies and found nothing similar. Like all expats (immigrants, really), I hated the weather and secretly enjoyed the Belgium bashing. But let’s be honest, like coffee and beer, you learn to love it. Sadly, I almost didn’t realize how much Brussels shaped me until arriving in London and being furious every time bartenders serve me my Duvels in bottles. Without the proper glass! Or any glass for that matter.

I am currently studying the MSc in International Public Policy at UCL after spending most of my time in Brussels as the Media Relations Coordinator at Bruegel. I used to say that was like trying to do a PhD in Economics without having passed the Bachelors, so here I am now, learning all the substance of the subjects I had only experienced through osmosis. Before, I was the assistant/aid to war correspondent David Beriain and an intern in the Latin American branch of CNN.

I blog mainly in English and Spanish, but occasionally in Basque and French. The main topics in the blog are my hobbies of journalism, politics, international affairs and photography.


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